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Yncréa Hauts-de-France lance ADIMAKER : l’école de ceux qui font aujourd’hui et demain.
En savoir plus

ADICODES are related to specific facilities:  ADICODE facilities, co-design center.  Their layouts are designed to foster collaborative work.  The ADICODES also maintain a privileged connection to the Humanicity sector of the city.  

ADICODE Facilities

Yncréa Hauts-de-France is finalizing two installations to host 100 innovation projects each year and research activities in “co-design and collective intelligence”. 

These facilities include a center of co-design and a project team designed to hold the co-eLab projects lead by teams of students and teacher-researchers to innovate in connection with businesses.  In one of these facilities there will be the addition of a manufacturing laboratory, sixty square meters in size to install rapid prototype tools (such as 3D printers for example), and which will make it possible to contribute to product innovation projects.  

ADICODE® Euratechnologies: 
ICT-Oriented Innovations and Services  

The innovations are given priority in the ADICODE® implementation at Eurotechnologies and will be oriented towards the ICTs, datamining and ubiquitous.

ADICODE® Vauban: Product-Oriented Innovations

Another ADICODE facility - ADICODE Vauban – as its name indicates in the center of the Vauban sector of Lille will be opened by Yncréa Hauts-de-France.
With a surface area of 600 m², this one adds a “products” dimension to innovation, more specifically a Fab-lab of 60 m2 integrated into the layout with its inventory of rapid protyping tools (3D printer, laser engraver, laser cutting, printed circuit board engraving machines, etc.  ) and its "tech-library”.

The Co-Design Center Located at ISA

The first center of co-design, opened in 2010 and based at ISA, is still located there today.  It continues to host co-design sessions for educational methods and for businesses.

Healthcare Innovations, in connection with Humanicity

The “Health” sector is included in the process and is composed mainly of a partnership with the Catholic Institute of Lille near the “Humanicity” sector of the city and its workshops in Lomme-Capinghem.  The Humanicity workshops use the entire Humanicity sector of the city as an observation and application site, and is therefore seen as a “living lab”.  The Humanicity workshops are naturally one of the contributors to the ADICODEs®, whenever they need to find a new innovation linked to healthcare issues, from disability and dependence to the social economy.