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Yncréa Hauts-de-France lance ADIMAKER : l’école de ceux qui font aujourd’hui et demain.
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The Partner degree, what is it? 

The Partner Degree program is a partnership between your university and the French engineering schools of Yncréa Hauts-de-France. This is an academic gateway between the courses of our institutions, with the creation of Yncrea Bachelor's degree at your university.
This scheme makes it possible to attend the Yncrea Bachelor's degree course at your university so that you can then do a Master's degree in one of our Yncréa engineering schools in France or Morocco.

One course, two diplomas

Our engineering schools have set up a bespoke course with your university that conforms to your needs and requirements so that you can consider pursuing studies in France as well as abroad with peace of mind. The Partner Degree program is an academic training gateway between the Bachelor's degree course of your university and the Master's degree course in one of our schools in France or Morocco.

This joint course includes the elements of the Yncrea Bachelor's degree within the Bachelor's degree course of your university: at the end of the Bachelor's degree, you will have the diploma of your university and that of the Yncrea Bachelor's degree.

The Partner Degree is an open degree course
Thanks to the Yncrea Bachelor's degree, you naturally have the option to pursue your studies with a Master's degree in our schools in France or Morocco, but also to join another course in another institution or even enter the job market directly.

The Partner Degree is a secure course
Thanks to the continuous assessment system, there is no entrance examination for the Master's course in our schools.

A comprehensive course

The Bachelor's degree course relies on the knowledge of yncrea engineering schools: 

Teaching using projects and innovative work methods
You will work within a multicultural team on projects that cross over between different disciplines using methods and tools developed in the professional world. Certain project- and problem-based teaching aspects are introduced by linking them with practical subjects assigned by businesses.

Teaching by experience in companies
Professionalisation is a key challenge of your course. That's why we encourage relations with companies that become a genuine teaching partner at every level of your course. This organisation involves the following:



The objective of the Bachelor's program is to help you acquire a solid scientific and technical grounding that is essential for successfully entering the Master's course and preparing you for the professional world.

From the second year onwards, you can choose a specialisation from the 50 professionalisation domains of our course

Top 8 good reasons for joining the HEI ISA ISEN Bachelor's degree in your university

+ A secure and open course leading to a dual diploma
+ Direct access to the Master's Course in one of our schools in France and Morocco without having to sit an entrance examination
+ A teaching program that is recognised for its excellent academic standard
+ A Managénieur® training that conforms to your needs and requirements
+ Project-based teaching and innovative work methods contributing to innovation in business
+ A choice of speciality from 50 professionalisation domains
+ A teaching process that encourages professionalisation thanks to work experiences that are compatible with their needs
+ 100% of our students get a permanent contract within 3 months of graduation


Click here to download the brochure of Partner Degree Program


Philippe BIELA