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Yncréa Hauts-de-France lance ADIMAKER : l’école de ceux qui font aujourd’hui et demain.
En savoir plus

The 5 years of experience gained by Yncréa Hauts-de-France on co-design and new approaches to innovation have demonstrated the need to link research approaches, to standardize, capitalize and codify these principles.
Co-Design is based on methods of collaboration, transdisciplinarity and innovation by use-cases which are naturally called "research-action" on the "co-design and collective intelligence" subject, the backbone of the R&D process in innovation management.

Supported by Europe

This project research has also received significant research support from the Regional Council of Hauts-de-France via the FEDER funds (European financing)

A Third Option

At a time when innovation is becoming an essential vehicle for the creation of added value and job creation, we notice that the traditional approaches such as "techno-push" and "market-pull don't always product the desired effects.
The “co-design and collective intelligence" approach is part of the 3rd approach logic based on the uses and transdisciplinarity. 
These “research action” activities should make it possible to better understand and better formalize the processes related to co-design, for the purpose of scientific dissemination.  This research activity gives rise to collective intelligence activities as well as spatial design activities and technological tools.  It completes the other innovation management approaches and raises the interest of the scientific community.

ADICODE®, a privileged field of observation for researchers

This type of research requires testing and observation facilities.  The Innovation and Co-Design Workshops (ADICODE® Vauban, ADICODE® Euratechnologies) are therefore the privileged “live” testing facilities for these research activities. 

The researchers, PhD students, research engineers and laboratory technicians are located on the ADICODE® Vauban sites at ISEN Lille, ADICODE® Euratechnologies at the Urbawood building and at ISA around the R&D oriented co-design center. 


The field of observation is mostly made up of co-eLab innovation projects, or teacher-researchers, students, collaborating and innovating.  Issues include understanding – by observing the way projects are conducted – the way creative teams work together and the collective intelligence mechanisms used in order to put them to use for the greatest number of people, and to understand how through training with an educational approach unique to each project and by awareness of research, we reach the outcome of research-innovation.

Scientific Collaboration

Mosaic Network

The “co-design and collective intelligence” team already collaborates with the MOSAIC network (HEC Montreal, Aalto University, the University of Liege), the University of Louvain la Neuve, the Central School of Lyon for Industry and Commerce and the School of Mining in Paris (ENSMP).


This research team of the HEI ISA ISEN Group for “co-design and collective intelligence” also works with two research teams from the Catholic Institute of Lille (on “Innovation Education” and the other on “Social Innovation and Collective Intelligence” at LITCHI (Laboratory of Collective InTelligence and new Human Interactions).