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Yncréa Hauts-de-France lance ADIMAKER : l’école de ceux qui font aujourd’hui et demain.
En savoir plus

One of the key pillars of the Yncréa Hauts-de-France strategy focuses on "Transdisciplinarity and Innovation".
The educational, research activities and expertise related to the cooperative development of innovations, of innovation co-design and management of the Yncréa Hauts-de-France are brought together in one consolidated structure and promoted under one shared brand:  ADICODE® (Workshops for Innovation and CODEsign).

New Emerging Challenges for Innovation

In order to innovate, a number of organizations today are turning away from their traditional approaches which put design processes under centralized management.  Innovations no longer come from R&D, from a TechnoPush or from marketing MarketPull alone.  Businesses commit to the processes used to mobilize the various actors of varying abilities and knowledge, internally as well as externally. 

We hear more and more about seeking the expertise of the user.  This expanded mobilization of actors is found in an approach called "Open Innovation".  The co-design principle is based on this approach.  

ADICODE®: Its Background

Co-Design experience and a Co-Design center, since 2009/2010

Since 2009, the engineering schools HEI, ISA
and ISEN Lille have gained experience in co-design and open innovation to train
future engineers to manage innovation projects and to contribute to business innovation.

The first co-design center has been operating since 2010.  Created during the joint initiative of 3 schools of the science faculty of the Catholic University of Lille, the co-design center focuses on facilities designed and equipped to encourage collaborative exchanges.
Co-design is also an integral part of the skills and protocols of training facilitation to mobilize the collective intelligence, spark creativity and accelerate innovation.

A Research Program Supported by FEDER funds in 2013

The 5 years of experience gained by Yncréa Hauts-de-France in co-design and new approaches to innovation have demonstrated the need to link research approaches, to standardize, capitalize and codify these principles.
Co-Design is based on methods of collaboration, transdisciplinarity and innovation by uses which are naturally called "research-action" on the subject of "co-design and collective intelligence", the backbone of the R&D component in innovation management.

This project research program has received significant research support from the Regional Council of Nord Pas-de-Calais via the FEDER funds (European financing)

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A Projected Integrated into the National Strategy

The support which the Urban Community of Lille Metropole has given this project represents backing which is essential to its success.  This contribution relates to and endorses ADICODE® in a true national development concept. 

The Greater Lille Chamber of Commerce and Industry has contributed since the start of co-design and innovation management, with financial support and as a link to businesses.  

Transdisciplinarity is the other original feature of this approach. 
This experience made it possible to gain skills and a credibility within the framework of

Co-design | open innovation | innovation problem-solving and project-based learning method | transdisciplinarity/co-disciplinarity | innovation through creative applications | “global" engineer | entrepreneurship | research in managing collective intelligence innovation | iterative thinking | rapid prototyping

Train managers and future engineers to lead innovation projects and on new approaches 

Support economic development by encouraging innovations, in connection with projects and issues facing businesses, communities, competitive clusters, etc.

Establish a setting for observation and experimentation for research on the themes of management and innovation, innovation education and collective intelligence.

Create a community around innovation



Breakdown Into Several Components

Specific Facilities

ADICODEs are related to specific facilities:  ADICODE facilities and co-design center.  Their layouts are designed to encourage collaborative work. .Click here for more information

Why Choose ADICODEs® ?

4 Main Objectives