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Yncréa Hauts-de-France lance ADIMAKER : l’école de ceux qui font aujourd’hui et demain.
En savoir plus

Sponsoring Ministers

The independent nature of our institutions allows them to maintain the connection to the Minister responsible for their supervision.

  • The Minister of Higher Education and Research for ISEN Lille and HEI
  • The Minister of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries for ISA


French Commission for Engineering Accreditation (CTI) is an independent organization responsible under French Law since 1934, for the accreditation of all types of engineering training, encouraging quality in training and promoting the title and career field of engineering in France and abroad. Engineering degrees from the schools of the HEI ISA ISEN are all accredited by CTI.

Academic Networks


French Federation of Agriculture Engineering Institutes combines 4 schools, ISA, ESA in Angers, ISARA in Lyon and EI PURPAN in Toulouse, which trains every type of engineer to be able to contribute in a significant way to improving food, the environment and agriculture.

The ISEN Group

A provider of general science education, new information and digital technologies, ISEN training takes place at 4 campus locations (Lille, Brest/Rennes, and Toulon in France and Fes in Morocco) which share the same objective, while developing aspects specific to their unique locations and economic environments.


The Conference of  “Grandes Ecoles” is a non-profit association as defined by French law (Waldeck-Rousseau Act of 1901) of engineering universities (“Grandes Ecoles” – Institutions of Higher Learning and Universities), of management and multiple or specific advanced degrees, all recognized by the French government and providing a national degree with at least 5 years of study after a high school diploma (the “bac”) and resulting in a Master's level degree.  It also includes among its members, businesses, alumni associations and organizations.


The Regional Conference of Universities (“Grandes Ecoles” – Institutions of Higher Learning and Universities) in Lille Nord, France ensures information and mission activities of these Universities, as such it is the privileged intermediary of institutions and local authorities.


In February 2007, HEI started the IngeFrance network alongside two other engineering schools (EPF in Sceaux, France  EIGSI in La Rochelle, France).  As a thematic network, the objective of IngeFrance is mainly to promote general engineering studies, recruiting at the level of high school diplomas (the “Bac”).

Business and Economic Development Networks

These schools maintain links with hundreds of businesses in every sector of activity, by means of their training activities (internships, apprenticeship contracts, educational projects, first jobs after college, etc.), research (research contracts, valuation, etc.) and innovation transfers.

Competitiveness Cluster

Laboratories and Scientific Networks

School research teams rely on recognized laboratories and work in scientific networks, including L2EP (Laboratory of Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics), LGCgE (Laboratory of Civil and Geo-Environmental Engineering), IEMN (Institute of Electronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnology ) the CARNOT ARTS Institute, GIS MTA (Advanced Textile Materials), the Charles Violette Institute for Biomedical Signal Processing Research Unit, and more… 

A research project was selected by the European Research Council (ERC).

International Networks and partner

Campus France

The Campus France agency is a public organization (EPIC) responsible for the promotion of higher education, the hosting and management of students’ international mobility, researchers, experts and guests.

N+i Consortium

The “n+I” Network of Engineering Institutes , with more than 70 French Engineering Universities (“Grandes Ecoles” – Institutions of Higher Learning and Universities), is a non-profit association (Act of 1901) recognized to be a general interest organization.  It assists international students who want to pursue their education in France

Partner Universities

The international network is also made up of universities across the world that are partners with the HEI ISA ISEN group schools.  They have relationships with close to 300 international actors in higher learning and research and therefore facilitate exchanges between students and researchers.

Partners for Apprenticeship

Formasup in Nord Pas de Calais France

Since 1992, Formasup manages the Apprentice Training Center (CFA ) for Higher Learning for the entire region of Nord-Pas de Calais.  Formasup Nord-Pas de Calais exists to develop apprenticeships in higher education.

Campus Centre/CFSA in Indre, France

The Center for Advanced Apprenticeship Training in Indre is the result of an active partnership between the Regional Council, the International Chamber of Commerce (CCI) and businesses.

Alumni and Engineering Associations


L'association des Ingénieurs ISEN, constitue un réseau de plus de 7000 ingénieurs.

The HEI Network

The HEI network counts almost 16,000 graduates, 8,000 of which are active in the field.


The ISA Association of Engineers unites more than
5,000 graduates.